After Derek Cianfrance's heart-wrenching 'Blue Valentine' was given an NC-17 rating, MPAA naysayers were quick to point out that this was another example of the organization saying violence is more acceptable than nudity in films. 'Blue Valentine's' producer, Jamie Patricof, was confused by the decision -- stating, "I just don't understand them." That sentiment is being echoed across the board by audiences and critics who feel this Oscar contender deserves better.

According to E! Online, Patricof says the worst part about the whole ordeal is that the ratings board won't provide much of an explanation for what feels like a harsh ruling. The scene in question involves Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as the emotionally distraught couple who head to a motel in an attempt to save their broken marriage. There's some sex and minimal nudity, but apparently the MPAA has also taken issue with the "dramatic elements" of the raw and pivotal scene.
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Blue Valentine
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