John Carpenter made his return to cinema after a nine year hiatus with this year's 'The Ward.' While it wasn't exactly on par with his magnum opus, 'Halloween' -- the director's past five films were far from it -- it was a welcome back to one of horror's greatest names. Now, Carpenter is on board to tackle 'Darkchylde,' based on the comic by Randy Queen about a Southern teen who becomes the creatures from her nightmares.

The director is comparing Ariel Chylde to another famous genre character close to his heart, which will no doubt rouse the interest of fans even further. "Randy Queen's hijacked angel, Ariel Chylde, is the best young female character since Laurie Strode in Halloween. Bringing Ariel and her dark mysteries to life should be quite an adventure for us all," Carpenter said. Ariel's dark mysteries include morphing into her own nightmarish creations -- actually shedding her own skin -- and unwittingly unleashing the monster on her home town.

Carpenter joins Sandy King's Storm King Productions, and Randy & Sarah Queen's Darkchylde Entertainment to produce the film. Richard Taylor's Academy Award-winning Weta Workshop, who released some test effects for the film, is on board to help bring the dark visions to life.

'Darkchylde's' large female fanbase -- which has outsold her male comic counterparts like 'Spider-Man' and 'Batman' -- has become a money making property in the industry. With backing from Carpenter and WETA, the series should have a great shot at successfully making the jump from the printed page to the big screen. The real question is, can Carpenter recapture the maverick magic that gave us films like 'The Thing' and 'Escape from New York' or is this more likely to be another 'Ghosts of Mars?' We're all hoping for the former.