'Megamind 3D' PremiereWhat would happen if Lex Luthor killed Superman? If the bad guy actually won the day?

In the new animated film 'Megamind,' the villain takes over ... and gets bored without someone to fight. (You know bored bad guys a recipe for disaster.)

Moviefone hit the blue carpet for the Hollywood premiere of 'Megamind' where we got a chance to chat with star Will Ferrell. He gave us the scoop on the film, what makes him laugh and why blue guys are such a big deal. From Dr. Manhattan to the Nav'i to Megamind himself, blue is all the rage these days.

We also got to check out a 'Megamind' costume contest, judged by Ferrell himself.

'Megamind' opens in theaters November 5th. Check out the video after the jump.