As Terry Gilliamfans patiently wait to see if his long-suffering 'The Man Who Killed Don Quixote' finally makes its way to theaters, the former Monty Python member and 'Brazil' helmer has a new short film to tide us over in the meantime. It's a Halloween-themed mockumentary titled 'The Legend of Hallowdega' produced as an accompaniment to yesterday's AMP Energy Juice 500 race at the Talladega Superspeedway. AMP also sponsored the 18-minute short, which was written by 'Daily Show' alum Aaron Bergeron and features cameo mock-interviews with NASCAR drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Darrell Waltrip.

The main stars, though, are actors David Arquetteand Justin Kirk(TV's 'Weeds'), the latter of whom plays Justin Thyme, the host of an 'Unsolved Mysteries' type program presently covering a supposed haunted racetrack. Are ghosts causing wrecks? Is the track cursed? Built on an Indian burial ground? Entering the scene is the loony and unreliable paranormal expert Kiyash Monsef (Arquette), who's basically your typical Gilliam wacko running around a room too quick for the cameras to adequately capture just what he's up to (think Justin Goines, Parry, maybe a little Raoul Duke).

Check out the mildly amusing short after the jump. You can also watch behind the scenes videos, including clips of the actors, crew and Waltrip sharing Halloween memories and ghost stories at the film's official website.
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