After Halloween, the film schedules at repertory houses can often be a little bit of a letdown. It seems like the buildup to all Hallow's Eve is fraught with anticipation – the suspense, if you will, of seeing what classic or cult film will be rediscovered and shown on the big screen. But in the days following, those early weeks after October's specifically-themed holiday and the hotbed of new material released to commemorate "awards season," it seems tough for programmers to know what best to play to keep their audiences entertained.

Thankfully, the availability of 35mm prints, as well as the rise in digital projection, has made it possible for theaters to continue providing top-notch programming even after your eyeballs have been melted out of your head by watching some soul-scarring horror movie that was banned in 30 countries. And the first week of November offers a wide range of interesting programming in all parts of the country, including, but certainly not limited to our Top Ten picks listed below.