Raging Boll

'Raging Boll,' directed by Dan Lee West

The first 20 minutes or so of 'Raging Boll,' the documentary profiling director Uwe Boll, are excellent. The film, which had its U.S. premiere at Austin Film Festival, provides background on Boll for those who aren't familiar with him, while at the same time entertaining the Boll lovers/haters with some good interview lines and fascinating details. The movie consists primarily of interviews with Boll, both on a black background and during some key events, with a smattering of footage from his events and a little extra media coverage. Title cards fill in the gaps.

However, the film's second half becomes slow and repetitive, and Boll's dozenth or so rant against "fanboy" bloggers, Michael Bay and the Hollywood distribution system becomes terribly tedious. It builds to a climax around Boll's "Raging Boll" boxing match against several online journalists, a publicity stunt that turns out to be much less interesting than it might sound. The movie settles for showing us Boll's public persona and the cult of personality that has formed around it, instead of trying to find the man underneath the rants.
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