Mel Gibson's career might have been stopped short by legions of angry Hollywood types, but Charlie Sheen's is on the up and up. Though he went all crazy at the Plaza Hotel from a so-called adverse reaction to medication, it's not hurting his career at all. No public apologies, and no dip in interest. Still riding the popular waves of 'Two and a Half Men,' the show's ratings actually climbed this week, according to THR -- up a respectable seven percent. But if new rumors are true, that's only the half of it.

The Australia-based What's Playing has a new post by their "London Insider" stating that Mr. Sheen isn't only rumored for a film called 'Guns of the Dead,' but has two more features on his plate. They claim the actor will spend his next television hiatus this summer filming 'Major League 4' with Tom Berenger, and in more high-profile news, play "a washed-up-but-useful CIA type" who chases Bruce Willis in 'The Expendables 2.'

It might be a grain-of-salt news bite, but it takes no stretch of the imagination to believe. Casting actors to play on their deficiencies is always popular, and when the actor in question is making his controversy work for him, all the better. What studio would refuse a tongue-in-cheek joke and a loyal fan following?

And just what is it about Charlie Sheen that makes his controversies so easy to swallow and forget?
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