'The Wizard of Oz' is one of those classic films that always seems to be verge of getting the remake treatment but thankfully, no one ever has the nerve to actually go through with it. It's an effortlessly timeless film, a film that's aged so beautifully that it has the power to look even the greediest movie producers in the eye and say "Go ahead. Remake me. They'll hate you. Everyone will hate you. Make my day, punk."

Yes, 'The Wizard of Oz' is the Clint Eastwood of Hollywood Golden Age classics.

However, that has not stopped people from playing in the Oz playground, with clever deconstructions like Gregory Maguire's novel 'Wicked' and the amazingly popular Broadway musical it inspired and sequels like Walter Murch's slightly infamous 1985 'Return to Oz,' which traumatized just about every child who saw it. Heck, even Sam Raimi is dancing around a prequel about the titular Wizard himself.
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