After offering directorial duties to filmmaker Tarsem Singh early last month, Relativity Media has nabbed their man and convinced Singh to sign on the dotted line and direct the upcoming 'The Brothers Grimm: Snow White.' This is just one of three Snow White films in the works -- yes, THREE -- each of which has a bit of a spin. We've got 'Snow White and the Huntsman,' which will see the pale princess running off with the huntsman Tom Hardy and going into hiding to avoid the killer queen (possibly Charlize Theron). Disney is also revisiting its material with 'Snow White and the Seven,' with the dwarves hanging up their one-word personalities and becoming Shaolin fighting monks (no joke, and in the works since 2005).

And finally there's Snow White as seen by the Brothers Grimm -- the grandfathers of modern fairy tales, before the horror and carnage were stripped away. Though similar to the Disney incarnation we all remember, back in the day the evil was a lot more defined. The Queen dined on what she thought were Snow White's internal organs, and the prince fell in love with the seemingly dead girl, and being a creepy necrophiliac, begged the dwarves for the coffin so that he could stare at the still-beautiful dead girl for the rest of his days. "Let me have it as a gift, for I cannot live without seeing Snow White. I will honor and prize her as my dearest possession."

With three twists in the works, it seems like none of these projects could become our dearest possession, opting to oversaturate us rather than inspire us. But with Singh at the helm of Grimm's story, this is the version to keep an eye on, because his history of storytelling, visuals and sweet darkness are perfect for the material.
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