It's a pretty slow news day, which means it's a great time for another update on the next Batman movie, right? Today's rumor comes on the heels of a recent announcement that Christopher Nolan and his Bat-clan were on the lookout for a new leading lady. If the sources over at Comic Book Movie are correct, the upcoming film -- recently revealed to be called 'The Dark Knight Rises' -- could actually feature two female roles, with one of them being linked to Bruce Wayne and the other linked to Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman).

The site (via an agency source) claims filmmakers are looking at Charlize Theron for the role of a Detective Sarah Essen, who, in the comics, is a character that winds up partnering up with Gordon and subsequently carrying on an affair with him. Gary Oldman and Charlize Theron going at it on screen? Um, no, probably not. However, Theron would make for an enticing Catwoman, so perhaps they're looking to deviate from the comics and create a new Catwoman story all together.

Separately, Vera Farmiga and Kacie Thomas '(The Burning Plain') are being rumored for the role of Julie Madison, a one-time socialite fiance of Bruce Wayne who was then used as a pawn by the vampiric villain Monk in his battle against Batman. Madison has also been associated with the villain Clayface. Hey, vampires are hot right now -- could the next Batman film be going all 'Twilight' on us by including Monk as the central villain? Follow-up question: How much do you just hate the fact that we just referenced 'Twilight' in the same sentence as 'The Dark Knight Rises'?

Naturally, these are all rumors right now, so don't freak out and start calling Warner Bros. True or not, both Theron and Farmiga would make great female characters in the film, and we could see both easily blend in to the world of all things Gotham. What do you think? Good characters to include in the film?
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