David Arquette is something of a love-him-or-hate-him actor: given his penchant for energetic, eccentric performances, reactions to his work vary wildly between passionate enjoyment and just as passionate exasperation. In his latest project, 'The Legend of Hallowdega,' Arquette seems to have found his soul mate in director Terry Gilliam, a filmmaker who is himself no stranger to odd material and even odder execution. A short about (in Arquette's words) a "redneck scientist who's trying to discover why Talladega is such a dangerous racetrack," the film went live online over the weekend, and the actor's collaboration with Gilliam seems as likely to polarize audiences as anything else they've done, albeit this time in a format some may find mercifully short while other say it's not long enough.

Cinematical spoke to Arquette last week via telephone to discuss his starring role in 'The Legend of Hallowdega.' In addition to discussing the evolution of his collaboration with Terry Gilliam, he offered a few insights into how he found the character, and talked at length about the way even a short film provides real and significant challenges for actors – even when they're as endlessly energetic as he is.