While busy getting excited and prepared for this week's inauguration of the brand new Doc NYC festival of documentary storytelling (for which I will serve as a juror -- see my preview and highlights here), I was reminded that the Cinematical-favored Big Apple Film Festival is also going on at the same time. Fortunately there's not a lot of conflict for the strict doc fan -- I think Big Apple has one or two docs this year -- and those of us who love both fiction and non-fiction are only troubled by the fact that we have even more terrific films available to us already-spoiled New York cinephiles. Boo hoo. Privileged First World urbanite moviegoer problems, right?

Meanwhile, as an ever-increasing documentary nut, I still can't help but feel I'm sort of missing out by only being one person, because other major documentary film festivals are also happening this week (doc maker/blogger AJ Schnack also recognizes that this is one of the busiest weeks of the year for the form), including the Sheffield International Documentary Festival (aka Sheffield Doc/Fest) in the UK, running from Nov. 3rd through 7th, and the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (aka CPH:DOX), from Nov. 4th through 14th. Oh well, can't attend them all. And anyway, even though Doc NYC feels relatively small in its first year, it is jam packed with so much appealing and necessary films that really I wish I was multiple people for this event alone.