Totally BakedDisappointed that Prop 19, the California ballot proposition to legalize marijuana, was defeated at the polls?

You may find some solace in the 2007 movie 'Totally Baked' -- which, though not a sequel to the Dave Chappelle pot-movie classic 'Half Baked,' is touted in the promotional copy as a "hilarious, totally offbeat, cannabis comedy in the tradition of 'Half-Baked,' guaranteed to give you the munchies."

A "pot-u-mentary" that's meant to mock anti-marijuana laws, this movie could be seen as a courageous stance against an uptight and wrong-headed establishment; or, an immoral movie encouraging corrupt and dangerous behavior; or, an excuse for filmmakers and viewers to get stoned.

We're not advocating any of the above theories or practices. But since marijuana is still illegal -- and watching movies isn't -- feel free to grab your munchies of choice and check out this comedy, totally free (unlike, um, some other things).