Remember that time you saw 'Toy Story 3' and began weeping uncontrollably in front of all your friends / that girl you like during that notorious tear-jerker of an ending? Good news, you'll (probably) never have to go through that, again! The folks over at Movieweb recently caught up with Darla K. Anderson -- one of the film's producers -- and asked her about the future of the world's most popular animated franchise. Her immediate response when posed with the question of a potential 'Toy Story 4' was to say that, "[Pixar] has no plans for it at this point."

It's an answer as curt as it is predictable, because obviously if Pixar were secretly toying (ack) with the idea of a fourth installment, they'd guard that news rather fiercely until they were ready to formally share it with the world at large. We'd be wise to remember that in these dark and confusing times -- when Pixar is devoting their considerable talents to a sequel of the thoroughly mediocre 'Cars' and Brad Bird is off somewhere making a live-action film -- anything is possible, and that rumors of 'Toy Story's' death have been greatly exaggerated, before.
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