If you think 'Back to the Future' could have used more melodramatic song and dance montages, then 'Action Replayy' has you covered. The Bollywood movie about a guy who tries to help his parents' failing marriage by traveling back to the '70s opens in theaters tomorrow. Judging from the trailer, it looks like a fun ride (not in a DeLorean, sorry nerds) -- and like all Bollywood movies, makes your eyes and ears feel like you've just ingested the biggest pixie stick ever.

The film is based on a 1994 play (of the same name, minus a "y" -- we should do this for all remakes ... ) and stars Aditya Roy Kapoor as Bunty, who tries to save his parents (arranged) marriage which has fallen apart after 35 years. All their bickering has given him cold feet in terms of his own relationship, but his girlfriend's grandfather (who also happens to be a time travel machine inventor and professor!) has given him an ultimatum: marry, or get lost. Bunty takes matters into his own hands by using granddaddy Gonsalves' time machine to find his parents in the '70s, before they were married. "His mission is to convert his father from a shortsighted, nerdy wimp with greasy hair into a handsome, bouncy-haired stud and eligible bachelor; and his mother from a feisty tomboy to the epitome of feminine grace," so they will marry of their own accord.

Check out the insane-o trailer after the jump.