The long wait is almost over -- we're only a few weeks away from the first installment of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.' For Harry's previous fights, he simply escaped the Dursleys, went to school and faced the challenges as they came, but after six volumes, it's time for Harry to grow up and break the habit. He must set out on his own and finally do what needs to be done to bring Voldemort down for good -- especially now that the evil wizard has infiltrated most aspects of magical society.

But the end also looks back to the beginning. In the books, Harry looks through all of his old mementos, and in the film, he once again insists on going off on his own, even though Ron and Hermione have proven -- time and time again -- that he really needs them.

In one of the first clips to be released online from the film, courtesy of Hero Complex (watch it after the jump), Harry tries to sneak off in the night from the Burrow, only to be stopped by Ron. Harry doesn't want anyone else to die, and is determined to focus on finding the Horcruxes that he learned about in the previous installment. Ron -- not as daft as he sometimes seems -- points out the obvious fact that he needs his friends ... especially the uber-smartie Hermione.

Harry will be flying again this November 19.