Will Ferrel - MegamindIt's a hard job, trying to take over the world. No matter how many minions you have at your disposal or how impressive your underground lair is, there's always some Caped Crusader, Man of Steel or cunning secret agent trying to thwart your schemes.

Let's face it: Most bad guys are just misunderstood, right? None more so than the titular antihero of Dreamworks' new animated comedy 'Megamind,' the most brilliant -- and least successful -- supervillain the world has ever known. As the arch-nemesis of the dashing Metro Man (voiced by Brad Pitt), Megamind (Will Ferrell) is used to seeing his carefully crafted plans destroyed by the mindless hands of justice, which is more than enough to make even the smartest evil genius begin to question his chosen career path.

The public may cheer on the superheroes, but we at Moviefone understand the plight of the aspiring supervillain. For those of you with world domination on the brain, we've assembled a list of the top six essentials you'll need for highly effective evil-doing. You can thank us later (like, by maybe not eliminating us with that Death Ray)!
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