- ComingSoon.net has a great collection of posters and images snapped at AFM, the kicker of which is the poster for the Jodie Foster-directed, Mel Gibson-starring 'The Beaver.'

- Brad Pitt has dropped out of the leading role in 'The Lost City of Z,' an adaptation of David Grann's novel about the quest for El Dorado. According to Vulture, Pitt dropped out because of a standoff between Paramount and director James Gray.

- The L.A. Times is reporting that Lionsgate and Darko Entertainment's shortlist for 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' directors has a frontrunner: screenwriter Mike White. Matt Reeves, who was previously on their short list, is said to be out, which leaves the remaining possibilities as Neil Marshall, Mike Newell, David Slade and Jonathan Demme.

- Fangoria will once again begin producing films. The first film on their slate is a remake of Bob Clark's'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things.' Following that will be an adaptation of Elizabeth Hand's novella 'Cleopatra Brimstone.'

- AMC will be holding a special encore presentation of 'Back to the Future' on the Big Screen this Saturday, November 6th. Here is a complete list of participating theaters across the US.
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