One of the highlights of any movie lover's trip to the theater is the big bucket of warm heart attack popcorn that accompanies their cinematic journey. Sure, it's embarrassing when you realize that you're shoving the the golden, delicious treat into your gaping maw by the handful, but wouldn't it be more embarrassing if your groovy corn-high was ruined by choking on everyone's favorite movie snack? St. John Ambulance in the UK thinks so, and wants to be a total downer by reminding you that pretty much everything you do in life is dangerous -- including stuffing your face. They have some first aid tips to share via a corny (sorry!) and slightly morbid video, which we have posted after the jump.

In the clip, theater-goers are watching a pre-movie advertisement of a family enjoying their popcorn. Suddenly one of the children starts to choke. The parents are clueless, start to freak out, and miraculously one of the audience members jumps into the screen to save the day. She beats the hell out of the kid, but saves her life. Who knew first aid could be so violent?

You can visit the St. John Ambulance website for your free first aid pocket guide, or just watch the video below for your own sick amusement.