"It was a time of my life I'll never forget, a soulful summer of acoustic rock, no parents, no school, and no parole..."

Thus begins the little Canadian film that could, Jacob Medjuck's 'Summerhood,' a poignant, breezy, fun, and deceptively astute look at summer camp. Collider.com calls it "the best film I've seen about childhood ever" -- high praise for a coming –of-age story that resonates with campers and non-campers, and reminds them of that special time that was "before life."

You know you're in for something as the film opens, and the camera pans across an idyllic lake lined with camp bunkies bathed in sunrise. Pete Seeger's singing 'Little Boxes,' a sweet sounding ditty. But then the camp loudspeakers blast everyone awake.
Summerhood Movie Poster
In Theaters on 2008

Four best friends who hate each other go to summer camp. Read More

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