Todd Phillips might not qualify for "auteur" status, but the director of such dude-centric hits as 'Old School' and 'The Hangover' has nonetheless been churning out dependably funny features for more than a decade. To celebrate the opening day of 'Due Date,' his latest comedy, we look back on scenes from other Todd Phillips movies that deserve induction into the comedic canon.

'The Hangover' (2009)
From Mike Epps' deadpan-desperation delivery of the line, "I'll be your Doug," to Zach Galifianakis' description of the real Doug as "a white," every beat of this desert-nowhere scene is a laugh-getter. And then there's Ken Jeong as Mr. Leslie Chow -- an unforgettable bit character who, best we can tell, is what you get when the teenage houseboy setting off firecrackers at the end of 'Boogie Nights' grows up and sucks down a helium balloon.