Former CIA agent Valerie Plame was hung out to dry when journalist Robert Novak revealed her identity in 2003. Novak later admitted his information was from a government source, and many suspect this leak and her forced retirement was retaliation by the Bush administration for the New York Times editorial her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, wrote about the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

The revelation and its effect on the couple's lives and marriage is the basis of Doug Liman's new drama, 'Fair Game.'Naomi Watts plays Plame, a private woman whose life as an active CIA agent surprised her closest friends. Sean Penn plays her husband Joe Wilson, the outspoken former ambassador whose dedication to justice is only rivaled by his love for his wronged wife.

What was it like reuniting with Sean Penn again ('21 Grams'), especially on a movie that seems like it would be of particular interest to everyone involved?
Look, it was great knowing that Sean and I would get to be on a set together again, and it was great that we could create the family history or chemistry that this movie needed. In a very short amount of time, we kind of all came together and the project was underway very quickly; there wasn't a lot of rehearsal time, prep time. So it was great for that reason. In terms of what the story's about, I mean I was drawn to this in the same way I'm drawn to any character I take on. It's the essence of who that woman is and how she changes, how she evolves, what she goes through, and she went through extraordinary things, and that's what drew me. I didn't take it because of my political beliefs.