With Halloween and another 'Saw' sequel behind us, Hollywood has decided to dole out a variety of wide releases this week, in addition to the usual indie titles likely to come your way on screens both big and small.

-'Due Date': Todd Phillips' follow-up to 'The Hangover' pairs up Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis for a rowdy cross-country road trip that I only found to be moderately amusing: "Phillips' shotgun spray approach to comedy does work on occasion, with Ethan's more absurd non sequiturs earning a laugh and Peter's punchier moments earning a rightful gasp. 'Due Date' is by no means a chore to watch; it just too often falls back on broad crutches instead of making the most of the acidic and deadpan talents at its disposal." (You can read my full thoughts here.)
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