Jackass 3D

Regular Moviefone contributor and indieWIRE film critic Anne Thompson recently called up her indieWIRE pals Leonard Maltin and Eric Kohn for a lively discussion about where the 3-D phenomenon might go next.

Maltin kicked off the conversation with his take on 'Jackass 3D' opening with $50 million a few weeks back. "I felt they ought to have a huge asterisk next to that saying, 'And we built most of that out of overages in the admission price,'" he argued.

Thompson agreed that the movie wouldn't have brought in as much money in standard 2-D, but also felt that the format itself greatly helped drive audiences to theaters to check it out. "If you want to be surrounded by poop," said Thompson, "don't you want to do it in 3-D?"

Kohn noted that the fast and loose usage of 3-D equipment in the film was novel; it was as if the filmmakers didn't care if the cameras got banged up or vomited on. "There is probably something historical about that alone," he quipped.

A transcript of their entertaining conversation -- which touches on upcoming 3-D films and whether the trend has a shelf life -- is after the jump.
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