One of the coolest websites to hit the Internet in a while is Letters of Note -- a site designed to offer up a direct taste of history rather than a regurgitation seen through the eyes of an unknown historian. In the past, we've shared the likes of a Disney rejection letter from the site, the birth of 'North by Northwest,' Harvey Weinstein calling Errol Morris boring and even James Cameron's apology to H.R. Giger after being frozen out of 'Aliens.'

But the one for today is as much timely as it is revealing. Published over the summer, and just given link love by Nikki Finke, the letter was written by Walt Disney and sent to Don Graham, an art teacher at the Chounaird Art Institute who was developing courses for Disney animators. This is the fledgling look at the sensibilities that would not only inspire the animation giant's work, but also spark the "Golden Age of Animation." Though it rests mainly on the ways animators should think of animation and movement, it's as much a lesson for Hollywood's live action world.
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