While we're deeply concerned with the issues of privacy raised in 'Fair Game,' the story of real-life CIA agent Valerie Plame, the fact that she's played by Naomi Watts hasn't escaped our attention either. Which brings us, naturally, to compiling a list of some of the sexiest female spies ever to grace the big screen.

Most of the kickass women CIA agents we know -- Sydney Bristow ('Alias'), Sarah Walker ('Chuck'), Annie Walker ('Covert Affairs') -- are on TV, but fortunately cinema boasts a wide array of globe-trotting spies who work for the CIA and other secretive agencies. We tracked down 10 of the hottest, ones who'd make even the most loyal citizen want to betray state secrets.

In keeping with our U.S.-based inspiration, our list is all-American, so regrets to Mata Hari and Xenia Onatopp.
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