It is a sad fact that magic doesn't exist. It is a sad fact that we can't go to work on flying brooms. It is a sad fact that we can't clean the house and feed the dog with a simple wave of a wand. It is a sad fact that the world seen in the 'Harry Potter' books and films is not real -- Wait, that's a good thing, actually. People tend to die horrible, Avada Kedavra-related deaths in that world.

The total non-existence of of magic hasn't stopped many Harry Potter fans from taking their love for JK Rowling's world to a new, possibly insane height, namely the creation of a real Quidditch league, culminating in the fourth annual Quidditch World Cup in New York City this weekend. Will this just be a bunch of fanboys cos-playing in the park? No, sir. Organized teams from 60 schools and universities across the nation will be there, including representatives from Havard, M.I.T. and Yale.
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