The origins of 'The Smurf's' blue-blonde bombshell, Smurfette, are pretty bizarre. In the 1981 Hanna-Barbera cartoon that most of us are familiar with (the characters actually first appeared in a late '50's Belgian comic series) the little lady was created by The Smurf's archenemy, the wicked sorcerer Gargamel. He used magic to form her out of blue clay, sugar and spice but nothing nice, crocodile tears, half a pack of lies, a chatter of a magpie, and the hardest stone for her heart. Smurfette's stint as a saboteur against the group of blue men didn't last very long, however. Papa Smurf took pity on her and reversed Gargamel's spell, turning her into a "real" smurf. Her appearance changed dramatically, and she became a total Smurf-babe -- the object of the entire village's affection.