When Arnold Schwarzenegger told that police officer in 'The Terminator' that he'd be back, it wasn't just a threat from an indestructible, homicidal, time-traveling cyborg to a puny human -- it was also a promise from an actor to his future legions of fans. With Arnold's tenure in elected office coming to a close in January, it'll soon be time for Arnold to stop vetoing bills passed by the legislature, and resume vetoing necks.

Of course, a swift return to the heights of Hollywood is easier said than done. Carrying a blockbuster to box-office glory might prove difficult for a 63-year-old ex-politician, even one who once carried a stone weighing "508 German pounds" between his legs. If Arnold wants to be relevant again, he's going to have to go about it methodically and with tremendous patience. In other words, he's going to need a game plan.

Luckily, Cinematical is here to help. Here's how Arnold Schwarzenegger can get back on top once he's out of office, in five easy steps.