As just about everyone on the planet knows, the late Linda Lovelace will be portrayed by the troubled Lindsay Lohan in the biopic 'Inferno' -- if she ever gets out of rehab and legal trouble.

But the movie's director, Matthew Wilder, remains committed to the troubled actress, despite years of struggling to get the project off the ground. (Anna Faris had been attached to play Lovelace as far back as 2007, but she dropped out in 2008 to focus on comedy.)

Whenever filming does kick into gear, the movie will tell the story of the hugely influential pornographic actress whose seminal film 'Deep Throat' put her on the map nearly 40 years ago and who proved her vulnerability in a horrific autobiography that revealed the true nature of her relationship with one-time husband Chuck Traynor. Forced to perform sexual acts at gunpoint, Lovelace was drugged, beaten and raped -- but she was a survivor.

Moviefone spoke with Wilder recently about his predicament and his decision to stand by Lohan as she goes through what is, arguably, the most tumultuous time of her life.