Get ready to watch Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington tests the bounds of their relationship.

After lascivious bouts of booze with Dylan Thomas and turning into a weird blue alien, the pair are leading 'The Jacket' scribe Massy Tadjedin's directorial debut, 'Last Night.' (Not to be confused with Don McKellar's film of the same name.) Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this year, the drama focuses on the banal relationship between Joanna (Knightley) and Michael (Worthington) Reed. A young couple who fell into a marriage of all-to-comfortable convenience, the pair are challenged one night when each is faced with seemingly irresistible temptation. Michael is on a business trip, trying to fight off contain himself during the obvious advances of his sexy co-worker (Eva Mendes), while Joanna is faced with the chemistry-filled eyes of the man who got away (Guillaume Canet).

And now you can hit the jump and see the sexy new trailer for yourself. While the biggest charms of 'Last Night' lay in its subtleties, the melange of clips definitely evokes the same social awkwardness ("Did you just say new?") and desire for exploration and engagement. Even in the brief trailer moments, you can feel the charisma oozing from Canet (and of course, the lack thereof with Worthington). But even with some emotional flatness, it's a great exploration of modern love and relationships of convenience.

There's no release date currently set for the film, but the trailer promises that it's coming soon, most likely once Miramax gets back on its feet.