- Derek Eads creates a lot of cool movie/pop culture art, such as a collection of the various characters of Gary Oldman.

- Jonah Nolan's (brother of Christopher Nolan) script about the Great Chicago Fire, titled 'Hell and Gone' is being set up at Warner Bros. with director J Blakeson ('The Disappearance of Alice Creed'). Heat Vision is calling it a "'Titanic'-like historical tragedy and love story."

- Warner Bros. has decided to acknowledge 'Veronica Mars' fans by creating an official e-mail address to contact when petitioning for a 'Veronica Mars' movie. In unreleated news, Warner Bros. have just created an email address they will never, ever read.

- According to Bloody-Disgusting, Morgan Freeman is "circling" the role of the bad guy (simply called The Colonel, as he is the head of the secret government project at the heart of the story) in the Hughes' brothers' live-action 'Akira.' Here's to hoping he ends up looking exactly like he does in 'Dreamcatcher.'

- Pajiba's regular (and mostly reliable) studio insider has informed them that Mark Protosevich's script for an 'Old Boy' remake has been well received by the studio who will soon start bringing it around to the likes of Steven Spielberg (who was once a producer on the project), Matthew Vaughn and Danny Boyle. [via FSR]
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