So it turns out that approximately everyone can do at least a semi-decent impression of legendary British thespian, Michael Caine. As far as unusually distinctive and mellifluous voices are concerned, it's actually quite easy to reproduce. Go on, give it a go in the privacy of your own room / office / cubicle, you'll probably be surprised by the quality of your own results. Who knows, you could be the next... this guy! Or maybe this guy, who historically introduced hats into the wide and sacred world of Michael Caine impressions. It's a fun little party trick, but apparently the premiere Michael Caine impressionists are quite competitive, criticizing every small nuance of their peers' performances in their bloodthirsty quest to rise above as the best of the best. And if this hilarious clip from Michael Winterbottom's new film / BBC mini-series 'The Trip' is any indication, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are like the Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal of Michael Caine impressions, locked in a fierce eternal struggle for that #1 ranking.
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