Robert De NiroAlthough the Golden Globes are never as relevant as real awards shows like the Oscars or, you know, the Kids' Choice Awards, they remain an interesting curiosity and a fun two and a half hours of television. Want to see a bunch of your favorite actors get drunk and win awards? Then the Golden Globes are for you! However, no awards ceremony would be complete without a lifetime achievement award. In this case, the name of that trophy is the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

And this year's recipient is none other than Robert De Niro.

It's maddening and depressing to imagine that an entire generation is growing up only knowing De Niro from the 'Meet the Parents' series and 'Analyze This.' Although the legendary actor gives one of his best performances in about a decade in the recently released 'Stone,' he's been laying low for awhile, taking paycheck gig after paycheck gig and doing little to actually challenge himself as an actor. But come on, let's face it: When you've played Jake LaMotta in 'Raging Bull,' Travis Bickle in 'Taxi Driver' and Vito Corleone in 'The Godfather Part II,' you've earned the right to be a little lazy in your twilight years.
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