'Tron: Legacy.' New trailer. Those are four words that should excite any film geek with a functioning nervous system. Sure, Disney has released enough variants of new posters for Joseph Kosinski's directorial debut to completely revitalize the print industry, but this new trailer is only the third for the eagerly anticipated film. And damned if it isn't just as hypnotic as the first two.

So what do we get to see this time around that we haven't seen thus far? For starters, we get to see a lot more of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) both as an old man and in his digitally de-aged state (which is eerily convincing). But not only do we get more of a look at him, we also get a bit of exposition from him explaining the general gist of what his son, Sam (Garret Hedlund), is going to be facing as he tries to survive on the grid. We also get to see a lot of nice teases of what kind of high-speed obstacles Sam will be up against on the grid -- and they're no longer strictly of the lightcycle variety.
Tron: Legacy Movie Poster
Tron: Legacy
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Sam (Garrett Hedlund), the son of famous video-game developer Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), has been haunted... Read More