Only eight combatants remain in our Heroes vs. Villains Tournament; oh where does the time go. It feels like just yesterday that we had 64 fresh-faced good guys and bad guys ready to go toe-to-toe to determine who is cinema's best Hero and who is its best villain. But, alas, the 64 could not remain in harmony forever and thus characters must be knocked out of contention whether we like it or not. (I miss you, John McClane!)

Last week saw some ridiculously tough decisions being made, what with Alien vs. Predator and Batman vs. Superman in play, and this week is no different. Sure, the choices in Round 8 are a little bit more eclectic than the serendipitous match-ups of Round 7, but there are still plenty of debates to be had. Just remember that you're not strictly voting for who you think would win in a fist fight; you're measuring up these saints and sinners by what defines a hero or a villain to you.

For example, sure, Batman's tool belt may trump Indiana Jones' bull whip, but is protecting Gotham City from a few crazies really more heroic than dedicating ones life to making sure historical treasures end up in museums and not in the hands of greedy collectors? You tell us!
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