'Dune' is one of the most famous, beloved and respected science fiction novels of the 20th century. It's a story with unlimited possibilities: an epic action adventure filled with mysticism and politics and aliens and spaceships and more than a few philosophical questions. Although the previous 1982 film by David Lynch and the 2000 television miniseries have their defenders, it is safe to say that the definitive adaptation of Frank Herbert's masterpiece has yet to be made.

And if that definitive adaptation is ever going to get made, it's going to take some time longer now. The Playlist reports that 'Taken' director Pierre Morel has left the project after nearly a year of development. The French filmmaker had already replaced Peter Berg, director of 'Hancock,' 'The Kingdom' and 'Friday Night Lights,' who left 'Dune' to make the very expensive, very strange sounding adaptation of the board game 'Battleship.' You know you're in a tight spot when your first director leaves to make a movie based on a toy and the second leaves a potential big budget franchise after he's publicly taken an egg in the face with the critical and financially disastrous 'From Paris With Love.'
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