Ryan PattersonHow do you follow up 'The Blind Side,' a heartwarming story based on true events that became a monstrous box office hit and earned Sandra Bullock an Academy Award? If you're director John Lee Hancock, you make another movie revolving around a young man with talents that the world in general is slow to appreciate. According to Deadline, Hancock is attached to direct 'Electric Boy Genius,' based on the true story of Ryan Patterson (pictured), who stuffed knives into electrical sockets as a child and lived to tell about it.

While still in elementary school, Patterson started asking questions about electricity that stumped his parents and teachers. A retired particles physicist was recruited to mentor the young man and he excelled in the subject, designing robots in high school and winning prizes and scholarships for his design of a wireless sign language translator glove that transmitted information to a portable device that then displayed the text. Andrew Corsello wrote an article for GQ magazine in 2002 about Patterson, which will serve as source material for the film version. Patterson went on to attend college and secure work as an electrical engineer.

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