Seems that one of the (many) upcoming "found footage" movies has become a casualty of a potentially overcrowded marketplace, and the director on the losing end of the equation is Roland Emmerich, a filmmaker who probably couldn't open a catering truck for less than five million bucks.

According to Heat Vision, the next several years will be filled with sci-fi films of the "found footage," low-budget, or moon / invasion variety, and with titles like 'Skyline', 'Dark Moon', 'Apollo 18', 'Super 8' and others on the way, Columbia Pictures got cold feet and passed on Emmerich's 'The Zone', which was scheduled to start production ... next week! (Previous story here.) Little was known about the specifics of the plot, of course, but that's not a lot of notice on which to pull a flick's plug.

Mr. Emnmerich's people gave a coldly vague response ("This is not a project (Emmerich) is pursuing at this time.") but don't feel too bad for the guy. He's made some of the loudest and most profitable movies of all time; frankly, given the mindlessness he delivers with untold resources, I'm not all that disappointed we won't get to see what Emmerich does on an exceedingly low budget. (My apologies to lovers of 'Stargate', 'Independence Day', 'Godzilla', 'The Patriot', 'The Day After Tomorrow,' '10,000 B.C.' and '2012', but I just... well, just look at the films he's made! Sheesh!)