Pixar Animation Studios has made 11 feature-length films in 15 years (not counting the in-production 'Cars 2' and 'Monsters, Inc. 2', scheduled for next summer and fall 2012, respectively, and a non-sequel, 'Brave,' set for a summer 2012 release), each, to varying degrees, created with an admirable combination of aesthetic/critical and commercial appeal, each sufficiently multi-layered to invite, maybe even demand repeat viewings. Despite an emphasis on fantasy- or science fiction-related premises, only one, Brad Bird's ('Ratatouille,' 'The Iron Giant') 'The Incredibles,' deals directly with a subject near and dear to many (geek or otherwise), superpower ed heroes in a superhero universe not dissimilar to our own.

'The Incredibles' is set in a Silver Age-inspired world where super-powered superheroes, not just costumed vigilantes (e.g., Batman), are the norm. Riffing on Marvel Comics' 'The Fantastic Four,' 'The Incredibles' mixes and matches superpowers (the better to avoid copyright infringement), focusing primarily on Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr (voiced by Craig T. Nelson), a super-strong, near-invulnerable superhero unhappily turned insurance company clerk; Parr's wife and former superhero, Helen/Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), modeled after Mr. Fantastic (superpower wise), and their two children, Dashiell 'Dash' (Spencer Fox), a super-speedy preteen, and Violet (Sarah Vowell), a sulky teen with self-esteem issues (she can turn invisible and create force fields too).
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