In February, I picked 'The Music Man' for an installment of "Shelf Life" specifically because I wanted to see how much I would (or could) enjoy a musical, particularly one I hadn't seen. As I admitted then, I'm not an aficionado nor even particularly a fan of the genre, and neither that film nor anything else I've seen since then has convinced me to throw out my list of existing favorites and fill in empty spots with stuff involving show tunes. That said, I do respect folks who like the form (as I do fans of any genre, regardless how much I like or dislike it), and keep in my home video collection a small cache of musicals and music-themed movies that I can frequently re-watch and fully enjoy.

One of these films is 'The Sound of Music,' which was a staple of my childhood, although I hadn't seen it in a while until Fox Home Entertainment put out their spanking-new, extras-packed Blu-ray, which features absolutely stunning presentation. Beyond my own sense of nostalgia for the film, I was curious to see whether it still held together as a film that audiences could relate to, especially in an era in which its theatricality – much less its epic structure – seems perfectly foreign. As such, this week's "Shelf Life" asks the question: are the hills indeed still alive with 'The Sound of Music?'