It's only fitting that a big-screen adaptation of 'The Three Stooges' be plagued with a myriad of irksome setbacks. They were, after all, men often derailed by bickering and lovingly absurd physical violence. But at some point, it might be time to quit. The Farrelly Brothers' take on the Stooges has been around for over four years, and in that time, we've gotten the holy shocking triumvirate of Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro cast as the leads, Penn backing out to focus on his family, Paul Giamatti flirting with the gig as Carrey backs out, and then Penn back in.

Now, Jim Carrey has spoken out about the film, why he backed out and the current status of the production. If you were hoping for any glimmer that this would all fail -- this news will be it. Hit the jump.
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