There's next to nothing to report aside from the title, the writer, and the basic premise, but any time the legendary magician Merlin makes a film appearance, it's just bound to be something magical. (Groan.) According to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision, writer Jay Basu has sold his modern-day 'Merlin' pitch to the producers at Working Title and that "details are being kept under a cloak of invisibility." Cute, THR, very cute.

Author of a well-received novel entitled 'The Stars Can Wait,' Mr. Basu seems to be making some solid progress in Hollywood: THR indicates that he also has a crime thriller called 'Bad Traffic' in the early stages.

As for 'Merlin', he's certainly no stranger to the world of movies: in the past the legendary literary character has been played by Nicol Williamson, John Gielgud, Ron Moody, Donald Pleasance, Michael York, Robert Guillaume, Sam Neill, and (of course) Mel Blanc. (And next year: Joseph Fiennes!) Best of luck to Basu and Working Title; here's hoping they come up with something fresh and exciting for the (very) old-school wizard.
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