Ah, curmudgeons. They've been a Hollywood staple since the dawn of movies, and Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau perfected the cinematic archetype in their aptly titled 'Grumpy Old Men.' We've grown to love movie curmudgeons over the years – y'know, prickly men getting on in years who are quick to shout out insults but almost always prove to have hearts of gold. (Well, hearts less cold than they initially appear, at least.) Last year, 'Up's Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Ed Asner) was everyone's favourite curmudgeon du jour.

This week's release of 'Morning Glory' looks poised to earn Harrison Ford a spot in the movie curmudgeon hall of fame. He plays a sour morning show anchor who reluctantly accepts a job co-hosting America's lowest-rated national morning show. Much to the chagrin of his ambitious producer, played by the Rachel McAdams, Ford's grumpy character refuses to play ball by not taking on zany assignments like his perky co-host (Diane Keaton).

Ford's withering stare and gruff mumble make for perfect curmudgeon material. His steely eyes say 'Don't talk to me,' while his stern tone confirms he's not your friend. Or anybody's, for that matter. Will he prove to be a big softie in the end? It's Hollywood, so probably. Besides, even curmudgeons can't resist a sweet smile from the ever-charming McAdams.

In honour of Ford's crotchety turn in 'Morning Glory,' we've compiled a list of our favourite movie curmudgeons.
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