Man, that Harrison Ford doesn't do much to combat the "curmudgeon" label he wears around his neck, although he does have a certain fondness for poking a little fun at George Lucas, so it's pretty tough to complain. The latest dollop of Ford crankiness comes from our friends at Geekologie, who point us towards an ABC interview (after the jump) in which the actors bemoans the lack of a Han Solo death scene in the third 'Star Wars' film:

"As a character he was not so interesting to me. I thought he should have died in the last one, just to give it some bottom."

...which he then follows with an amusing quip about how Lucas would have had trouble selling "dead Han" toys. Oh, Harrison, you rascally little cynic, you.

But the question of the day is posed to the loyal 'Star Wars' fans: should Han Solo have died at some point in the original trilogy? Isn't it the sidekick's secondary hero's role to give his life for the good fight? Or, do you prefer believing that Han Solo and Princess Leia are presently enjoying their half-human and oddly half-Ewok grandchildren back on Endor somewhere? It's all moot at this point, of course, but one thing's for certain: no matter what film Harrison Ford is trying to hawk (this time it's 'Morning Glory,' by the way), he'll always (always!) get a bunch of goofy 'Star Wars' questions lobbed his way.