For those not in the business know, a helpful Google search will inform you that an earnings call "[is] a teleconference in which a public company discusses the financial results of a reporting period." Today, that public company is Viacom, the source is the Hollywood Reporter and the news is that this week's earning call specified a few upcoming Paramount film projects that may prove interesting.

The biggest film is a no-brainer: 'Star Trek 2' is being written as you read this and the script should be finished by the time you're unwrapping the gifts at the holiday celebration of your choice. JJ Abrams will be back in full capacity as a producer but has yet to commit to the director's chair (although he really needs to get his butt in that chair because the man's an exceptional filmmaker).

The rest of the line-up feels a little more random: a sequel to a comedy that came out a decade ago, a sequel to a toy movie that wasn't the hit it needed to be, a reboot of a franchise that was rebooted only a few years ago and the latest installment in an action franchise that has gone through four films and three actors since 1990.
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