By no means can it be assured that 'Skyline,' the new film from the Brothers Strause (of 'Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem' infamy), will defeat whatever piece of shoddy filmmaking is currently claiming the top spot on your Worst of 2010 list, but it is most certainly a contender for such an honor. The film opens strongly enough with a thrilling sequence that finds Los Angeles inexplicably set upon by pulsating balls of piercing light. We quickly learn that staring into the light causes a that-can't-be-good reaction to one's physical and mental constitution. Stare into the light too long and it will completely consume you.

It's the kind of opening that jumps right into the thick of the mystery, which is at first genuinely compelling. In fact, it's such a compelling start that one begins to applaud the Strause duo for hitting the ground running without any lame character introductions to get in the way. Unfortunately they then take the first of many missteps and back-track to 15 hours earlier -- in order to deliver all of those lame character introductions that absolutely do get in the way. Such an approach would be forgivable if it actually contributed to the story or the characters in any meaningful way, but it doesn't. This laborious lull only serves to reveal how uninteresting every single member of the cast – which consists primarily of Eric Balfour, Donald Faison, Brittany Daniel and Scottie Thompson – will prove to be throughout the film.
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