Remember the guys that brought us the 'Mario Kart: The Movie' trailer? Well, they're back with more and this time around they're aiming for those of us who grew up watching a certain boy from Bluffington, Doug Yancey Funnie. 'Doug' premiered on Nickelodeon back in 1991. The first episode focused on Doug's arrival to the town of Bluffington and his attempt to fit in at school. His green-skinned archenemy, Roger Klotz, certainly didn't make it easy on him, but fortunately, Doug had his blue pal Skeeter by his side. And, of course, there's no forgetting the prettiest girl at school, Patti Mayonnaise. When Doug wasn't dreaming of Patti, he was hanging out with his dog Porkchop, going on an adventure as his superhero alter ego Qualiman or listening to the hottest band, The Beets.

The Dr. Coolsex sketch comedy group's trailer features an older Doug, a college graduate. It may not be the same Doug many of us grew up watching, but this trailer is packed with all of the key characters and all sorts of 'Doug' nostalgia from the "Banging on a Trashcan" song to Neematoads and much more.

On top of this simply being an impressively creative and assembled video, the idea of making a live action 'Doug' movie is actually a really sensible idea. At the start, 'Doug' called Nickelodeon home, but Disney assumed control in 1996. Wouldn't it make sense for the studio to put a movie together? If Disney did so and followed Dr. Coolsex's lead, the longtime fans looking for a childhood throwback would come running and newcomers would be able to appreciate it as just a new coming-of-age story.