Superhero Movie News Stage #1: Anticipation, wherein a project is announced and everyone gets excited and much discussion is had about potential casting and storylines.

Superhero Movie News Stage #2: Hesitation, wherein pictures of the costume and/or set are released to murmurs of disdain and disapproval.

Superhero Movie News Stage #3: Backlash, wherein pixelated, unfinished bizarrely edited footage hits a television entertainment news show and the entire internet breaks down due to severe emotional distress after seeing what they've done to the character.

Truth is, the footage from the upcoming 'Green Lantern' that debuted on Entertainment Tonight isn't bad at all -- it's just six months away from completion and seen entirely out of context. You may argue that Warner Bros. is doing the film a disservice by releasing footage that clearly needs more time at the render farm, but you've got to feed the hype machine somehow, right?

Hopefully, 'Green Lantern' will reach Superhero Movie News Stage #4, wherein the project is released to critical acclaim, big box office and thousands of movie geeks the world over admit they were wrong to judge so soon. Watch the footage after the jump, and see for yourself.
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