The Halloween season has been over for two weeks now, but we at Cinematical don't exactly want to give it up. Sure, we love a good excuse to watch as many scary movies as possible, but even more than that we love to see people dress up in homemade, movie-themed costume and there simply isn't any other day of the year that encourages that kind of behavior. This year we once again held our Halloween Costume Contest and now that voting has come to a close, we have our winners.

In the adult bracket, a pair of Spaceballs narrowly squeaked away with the win over Adam and Barbara from 'Beetle Juice' by a narrow 4.3% of the vote. Third place went to the gargantuan Incredible Hulk costume, while a pair from 'Who Frame Roger Rabbit' and E.T. took home fourth and fifth place, respectively.

On the child front, it was the adorable house from 'Up' that took home first place (the cloud pajamas are probably what put it over the top). Second place went to an Oompa Loompa, with a Jawa in third, a Depp-inspired Mad Hatter in fourth and Teen Titan's floating Raven in fifth.

As a reminder of what these two winners will be receiving as their prize (and as encouragement for you to enter next year's contest), check out the breakdown of the complete prize pack below: